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Fashion Spy: Katie Price doesn’t do it for me

By Kerry McKittrick

Our reporter checks out the style in Belfast city centre and finds plenty of stylish people out and about.

Kimberleigh Ellis (24)

Office administrator, Belfast

Wore what? Dress, £30, New Look; sandals, £6, Primark; bag, £50, Isme.

Why? I like to stand out and be different. I've never liked to wear what everyone else is wearing. I really don't like baggy, oversized clothes that don't show off your figure.

Who? I love Jessie J because she makes a statement with her outfits every time. Katie Price doesn’t do it for me, though — I don't think you should have to wear that few clothes to get attention from men.

  • Monthly spend £200

Leah Milliken (19)

Student, Coleraine

Wore what? Dress, £15, Primark; bag, £135, Michael Kors; sandals, £6, George at Asda.

Why? I don't have a specific style but I go for dresses when it’s sunny. I don't like it when people wear black from head to toe without even a splash of colour.

Who? I really like how Millie Mackintosh dresses, as she puts things together nicely. On the other hand, all of the TOWIE cast look overdone and garish.

  • Monthly spend £100

Margaret Scott (36)

Accountant, Belfast

Wore what? Dress, £45, Oasis; bag, £20, Next; shoes, £45, Faith; sunglasses, £145, Ray-Ban.

Why? I dress quite conservatively — dresses are handy in the summertime because they can be simple and smart. I don't like stonewashed clothes — I know the look is back in fashion but I didn't like it the first time round.

Who? I don't wear vintage items but I've seen TV star Dawn O'Porter pull that kind of thing off. Someone like Kesha looks terrible, though.

  • Monthly spend £300

Ilona Pinda (20)

Student, Belfast

Wore what? Top, £25 and bag, £40, River Island; jeans, £38, Topshop; loafers, £19, H&M.

Why? My style is sporty and casual. I don't like bright patterns or neon colours as they look tacky.

Who? I like how all the Kardashians dress and I think Kylie Jenner has a great rock chick style. Nikki Minaj and her neon colours wouldn’t be to my taste, though.

  • Monthly spend £150

Kerri McGeever (18)

Works for a juice company, Strabane

Wore what? Jumpsuit, £25, New Look; sandals, £20 and sunglasses, £12, River Island.

Why? I'm a very ‘country’ person so I wear a lot of jeans and boots and vest tops, though I’d get dressed up if I was doing something like going shopping. I'm not keen on the skater look or the rock chick style.

Who? I love how Michelle Keegan dresses but I don't like Kelly Osbourne's style, it's too random.

  • Monthly spend £100

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