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Fashion spy: Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj are over the top

By Kerry McKittrick

Our reporter checks out the style in Belfast city centre and finds plenty of stylish people out and about.

Naomi Hanna (35)

Town planner, Belfast

Wore what? Dress, £60, French Connection; bag, £700, Mulberry; shoes, £40, Office.

Why? I like to be quite co-ordinated and not too trendy. I don't like fluorescent colours or trainers which have a built-in heel.

Who? Sienna Miller has nice, easygoing style, but I'm not a fan of Rihanna's look – it's too much.

  • Monthly spend £50

Ciara Power (28)

Make-up artist, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £25, top, £17, both from New Look; leggings, £7, sandals, £10, both from Primark.

Why? I like pink and flowers and anything that's girly. I'm not keen on jeans and trainers, though – nothing too casual for me!

Who? Cheryl Cole's look is nice and colourful but Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj are a bit over the top.

  • Monthly spend £50-100

Amber Scott (18)

Student, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £25,; vest, £3, Primark; jeans, £40, bag £45, both from RiverIsland; shoes, £45, Converse.

Why? My style is casual but I love|statement necklaces. I’d never wear anything black or navy blue together.

Who? Rita Ora has a nice, casual style but Victoria Beckham looks overdressed.

  • Monthly spend £200

Zara Mackay (22)

Full-time mum, Belfast

Wore what? Top, £8, Internacionale; jeans, £10, sandals, £8, both from Primark; bag, £180, Prada.

Why? I like to wear bright colours and lots of skinny jeans. I would never wear tracksuits outside of the house.

Who? I love how Kim Kardashian shows off her curves, but I don't like Lauren Harries' style - she looks terrible.

  • Monthly spend £100

Nicola Doyle (36)

Retail manager, Belfast

Wore what? Dress, £60, Zara; jacket, £100, River Island; bag, £2, charity shop; boots, £85, Office.

Why? My style is quite vintage and boho and I'm a real bargain-hunter. I don't like anything that's too neon or sporty.

Who? Paloma Faith is my fashion icon and has a great retro style. Kate Middleton's look is a bit too old for her.

  • Monthly spend £100

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