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Fashion Spy: Little Mix have great style, Kerry Katona is style challenged

Our reporter Jenny Kirkham checks out the style in Belfast city centre and finds plenty of trendy people out and about.

Amanda Chapman (28) sales executive, Newtownabbey

Wore what? Top, £40, Estonia; jeans, £25, bag, £25, New Look; shoes, £18, Primark; necklace, £27, Oasis.

Why? I like to be quite dressy and I think that a pair of heels finishes every outfit.

Who? Olivia Culpo always looks so glam and elegant. I don't like Katie Price's look, she doesn't know how to put an outfit together.

  • Monthly spend £60

Nicole McAuley (26), midwife, Glengormley

Wore what? Top, £18, skirt, £32, Topshop; shoes, £12, Primark; bag, £120, Michael Kors; necklace, £6, River Island.

Why? I love vintage, girly clothing with lots of colour. I like any excuse to wear a skirt or dress.

Who? Made In Chelsea's Millie Mackintosh always looks stylish and classy. She has a timeless look. I can't relate to Iggy Azalea's style at all, she's too out there for me.

  • Monthly spend £100

Sarah Lavery (22) classroom assistant, Glengormley

Wore what? Top, £12, Tesco; jeans, £36, Topshop; shoes, £15, Matalan; bag, £100, Guess; necklace, £10, Primark; sunglasses, £8, H&M.

Why? I like to buy my clothes on the high street so that I can spend more money on quality accessories. A top or dress will go out of fashion within weeks, but a statement bag or jewellery won't.

Who? Cara Delevigne always looks amazing without looking uncomfortable, which I love about her, but Miley Cyrus always looks like she's been forced to wear her outfits.

  • Monthly spend £250

Sophie Craig (19) student, Portstewart

Wore what? Top, £10, Primark; jeans, £36, shoes, £15, Topshop; bag, £40, River Island; scarf, £12, Monsoon.

Why? I go more for what I'm comfortable in and what looks good on me rather than trying to stay on top of the latest trends.

Who? Binky Felstead from Made In Chelsea knows how to dress for her own shape and doesn't try to be too edgy. Paris Hilton dresses far too provocatively.

  • Monthly spend £80-100

Andrea Tait (21) student, Randalstown

Wore what? Jacket, £48, Miss Selfridge; top, £15, trousers, £18, bag, £20, Portugal boutique; necklace, £12, New Look; shoes, £60, Office.

Why? I love colour in outfits, but I find you have to branch off the high street to find colour in the winter season when everything goes dark and dull.

Who? I love Kelly Brook because she's always adorned with flowery patterns and lots of colour. I don't like the androgynous styles which the Olsen twins wear a lot of the time.

  • Monthly spend £50

Mary Carson (21) teacher, Belfast

Wore what? Top, £14, shoes, £15, H&M; trousers, £23, Pull & Bear; bag, £25, Durham Leathershop.

Why? I mostly wear black, so whenever I do wear colour it's muted, like dark oranges. I am more of a casual dresser, so I'm not into skirts.

Who? I love Alexa Chung with her oversized style because she always looks so relaxed yet never under-dressed. Ariana Grande can look too polished, so her style doesn't translate into a wearable, everyday look.

  • Monthly spend £30

Emer Stinson (18) model/student, Toomebridge

Wore what? Jacket, £20, jeans, £20, New Look; top, £5, eBay; shoes, £10, ASOS; bag, £5, Primark.

Why? I love fashion and high street styles, but I also spend a lot of time looking for bargains online. I'd rather have 50 things for £50 than just one skirt or top.

Why? The girls from Little Mix have such great style. Perrie Edwards is so quirky and cool all the time. I think Kerry Katona is style challenged, she never seems to get it right.

  • Monthly spend £100-150

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