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Fashion spy: Lucy Watson from Made In Chelsea has wonderful style, but I don't like how Lady Gaga dresses.

By Kerry McKittrick

Our reporter checks out the style in CastleCourt shopping centre, Belfast and finds plenty of trendy people out and about.

Sarah-Louise Surgeoner (18)

Student, Antrim

Wore what? Coat, £30, New Look; T-shirt, £11, Exhibit; jeans, £40, Topshop; boots, £25, Primark.

Why? I like wearing bright colours and I tend to follow trends. I don't go for anything too blingy or sparkly, though.

Who? Rita Ora has a colourful, casual style but Jessie J's look is a bit unusual for my taste.

  • Monthly spend £300

Jacqueline Mallon (24)

Retail assistant, Belfast

Wore what? Jacket, £65, River Island; top, £17, leggings, £10, bag, £35, boots, £30, New Look; bag, £35, Aldo.

Why? My style is smart casual and I like to wear leggings and tops with nice jackets. I'm not really a tracksuit person.

Who? Lucy Watson from Made In Chelsea has a wonderful style, but I don't like how Lady Gaga dresses.

  • Monthly spend £200

Sheree Black (25)

Sales representative, Newtownabbey

Wore what? Poncho wrap, £25, Quiz; dress, £20, New Look; boots, £30, Firetrap; bag, present, London market.

Why? My style is if I like it, I wear it, and I do go for a lot of black. I tend to have quite a smart style so I would never wear checked shirts.

Who? I like Victoria Beckham for her bodycon dresses, but I wouldn't be a fan of Nicki Minaj and her luminous colours.

  • Monthly spend £100

Zara Doherty (22)

Full-time mum, Belfast

Wore what? Scarf, £7, shoes, £14, New Look; coat, £12, top, £3, skirt, £3, Primark.

Why? I'm definitely a bargain hunter and I always wear heels. I'm not keen on chunky woollen jumpers that hide your figure.

Who? I like Made in Chelsea star Binky Felstead's natural, classic look but Katie Price can appear quite fake and overdone.

  • Monthly spend £100

Katie McBrien (18)

Student, Fermanagh

Wore what? Coat, £30, Asda; jumper, £20, leggings, £25, River Island; boots, £30, New Look; bag, £25, Portuguese market.

Why? My style is quite casual and I like pastel colours. I don't go for long skirts as I don't think they're very flattering.

Who? Blake Lively from Gossip Girl has a lovely look but Paloma Faith is a bit over the top.

  • Monthly spend £150

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