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Fashion Spy: Michelle Keegan has an amazing style

Our reporter Jenny Kirkham checks out all the style in Belfast city centre.

Orlaith Black (22), sales adviser, Londonderry

Wore what? Jumpsuit, £48, shoes, £20, Topshop.

Why? My style depends on how I feel that morning. Some days I love girly dresses and other times I want to wear all black.

Who? Nicole Richie is my fashion inspiration. I didn't like the way she used to dress but she's so edgy and stylish now. I don't like Nicki Minaj's style - it's too much to look at all at once.

Maddie Dodds (21), hospital staff, Falmouth

Wore what? Jacket, £15, Primark; top, £8, Boohoo; jeans, £24, New Look; sandals, £25, Dune; bag, £10, Accessorize.

Why? I like to stay quite current with my dress sense, so I always check the Topshop style section on their website or store catalogues for inspiration.

Who? I don't think I could pull it off, but Blake Lively's style is always glam yet quirky. Paris Hilton is trashy, I would never want to be compared to her.

Eve McGirr (18), student, Tyrone

Wore what? Shirt, £25, H&M; trousers, £40, Topshop; shoes, £7, bag, £10, New Look.

Why? I like to be comfortable in my clothes, but there's nothing more embarrassing than looking under-dressed, so I try to find that middle ground every day with my outfits.

Who? Alexa Chung's style is so relaxed and thrown together, yet she always looks amazing - I don't know how she does it. Miley Cyrus used to dress really nicely, but now I wouldn't dream of replicating her gaudy clothes.

Christina Campbell (27), civil servant, Bangor

Wore what? Jumpsuit, £22.99, shirt, £19.99, both New Look; sandals, £24, Topshop; bag, £8, Asda.

Why? Casual clothes are my go-to look for day-to-day dressing, so I add some interest to them with bold prints and bright colours.

Who? Michelle Keegan has an amazing style and I imagine there's very little she couldn't pull off. Katie Price stands out for all the wrong reasons, I'm not into her fashion sense at all.

Megan Smyth (21), trainee teacher, Cornwall

Wore what? Top, £20, shirt, £15, skirt, £7, bag, £10, all New Look.

Why? I'm very much a high street dresser - designer clothes are too bland for me.

Who? Selena Gomez loves a good high street bargain, so I love recreating her styles. Taylor Swift's style is so annoying, she still dresses like she's 15.

Julie Halliday (48), customer adviser, Belfast

Wore what? Top, £8, sandals, £2, sunglasses, £4, Primark; Trousers, £28, Oasis; bag, £60, Zara.

Why? I love getting a bargain in the sale. Styles and trends change so quickly, it seems like a waste to pay full price for something that you may only wear a couple of times.

Who? Liz Hurley always looks so glamorous, I wish I dressed with her confidence. Kim Kardashian's style isn't practical for the typical new mum, or women in general.

Hannah Cousley (21), student, Magherafelt

Wore what? Jacket, £45, dress, £20, Topshop; shoes, £35, H&M; bag, £1,500, Mulberry.

Why? I like to dress for the season, but if a piece of clothing can overlap from summer to autumn, it's for me.

Who? I love how Millie Mackintosh dresses, she can be girly without wearing florals and pinks. I don't like Rita Ora's style, it just doesn't look wearable for the average person.

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