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Fashion Spy: Millie Mackintosh is definitely my style inspiration

Our reporter Jenny Kirkham checks out the style in Belfast city centre and finds plenty of trendy people out and about.

Ellie McCreanor (17) student, Downpatrick

Wore what? Top, £6, New Look; hat, £1, Octopus Garden; shorts, £16, Fresh Garbage; shoes, £40, Amazon.

Why? I like to create my own styles out of mix and match items from vintage shops and the internet - that way I never run the risk of wearing the same thing as someone else.

Who? I love the style of Stevie Nicks. She's always looks so comfortable in her clothes. I don't like Rita Ora's look - I'm not into sport luxe clothing or trainers and she's always in outfits like that.

  • Monthly spend £500

Natasha Treon (25), financial officer, Antrim

Wore what? Top, £13, Primark; trousers, £12, H&M; shoes, £10, New Look; bag, £270, Michael Kors.

Why? I tend to wear bright colours when I can and am happy enough to wear them to work. I couldn't go out in all black, I would need a bright accessory to dress it up.

Who? I get most of my fashion inspiration from magazines. I like being able to see how they've brought an outfit together. I don't like Tulisa though, she's just trashy.

  • Monthly spend £400

Michelle Madden (24), classroom assistant, Belfast

Wore what? Kimono, £25, Boohoo; top, £8, necklace, £12.50, jeans, £25, Topshop; shoes, £12, Primark.

Why? I try different styles all the time. I wear the same items, but with a totally different outfit to make new styles. People think I never wear anything twice, but that's just because it looks so different.

Who? I can appreciate all fashion and even when I don't like someone's entire ensemble, I like being able to get my own inspiration from it.

  • Monthly spend £150

Abby McGarrity (20), student, Belfast

Wore what? Top, £7, Forever 21; jeans, £40, ASOS; shoes, £27, Next; sunglasses, £70, French Boutique; bag, £1,200, Mulberry.

Why? I always dress quite casually because I don't want to look the same when I get dressed up for a night out. I shop in mostly high street shops, like Topshop and Zara. They always seem to stock exactly what I want to wear.

Who? Millie Mackintosh is definitely my style inspiration. She keeps it classy without looking too old fashioned. I'm not a fan of Cheryl Cole's style.

  • Monthly spend £50

Kirsty McGettigan (23), civil servant, Belfast

Wore what? Dress, £35, Miss Selfridge; shoes, £15, bag, £30, Dorothy Perkins.

Why? As soon as it's classed as summer I throw on all my colours. It's nice to be able to change it up from wearing blacks and greys every day. All my favourite shops like River Island and Topshop have so many gorgeous, colourful items in, it's hard not to go all out.

Who? I love Cheryl Cole because she's always trying new things fashion-wise. I don't like Kelly Brook because she doesn't dress for her shape and most of the time looks frumpy.

  • Monthly spend £450

Siddhi Salian (28), accountant, India

Wore what? Top, £25, trousers, £20, Zara; shoes, £28, Next; bag, £30, TK Maxx.

Why? I'm more a fan of patterns than I would be of colour. I prefer dressing smart because I like to look professional. I'm not a big fan of jeans or T-shirts because I think they look really cheap.

Who? I don't like celebrities that are revealing like Miley Cyrus. The way she dresses is uncomfortable to look at. I like Kate Middleton because she's always classy, but never looks like she's awkward in her clothes.

  • Monthly spend £300

Elaine Millar (53), school nurse, Cookstown

Wore what? Top, £23, skirt, £45, Topshop; sandals, gift; bag, £60, Juno; sunglasses, £140, Oakley.

Why? I love to stand out in colourful clothes, so I'm always happy enought to wear bright pinks and yellows in a way that suits me.

Who? I don't like Victoria Beckham's personal style. However, I'm a big fan of the dresses she designs and her range is beautiful. I don't like Madonna, she needs to start dressing for her age.

  • Monthly spend £150

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