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Fashion Spy: Rihanna is really badly dressed – she shows off too much

By Kerry McKittrick

Our reporter checks out the style in Belfast city centre and finds plenty of stylish people out and about.

Sara Brown (27)

GP receptionist, Newry

Wore what? Jacket, £7, Primark; top, £20, River Island; jeans, £20, Zara; pumps, £20, Next.

Why? My style is nice and colourful but wouldn't be too daring – I follow trends as long as they suit me. I don't like anything tacky, like leopard print.

Who? I think the Kardashians always look nicely dressed but Kesha looks terrible because her clothes are so out there.

  • Monthly spend £100

Stacey Murdough (18)

Student, Lisburn

Wore what? Jacket, £45, and trousers, £20, both from River Island; scarf, £10, Exhibit; vest, £3, Primark; bag, £15, Avon; boots, £35, New Look.

Why? My style is quite different as I like to go for a rock chick look but it depends on what mood I'm in. I would never wear anything too out there or in your face.

Who? I like some of Kate Middleton's outfits as she has a nice, simple look. I think Rihanna is really badly dressed – she shows off too much.

  • Monthly spend £100

Jatziry Burns (35)

Architect's assistant, Belfast

Wore what? Dress, £25, Debenhams; shoes, £60, Amazon; cardigan, £15, Zara; bag, £80, handmade in Rome.

Why? As I'm breastfeeding at the moment my size goes up and down, so I wear a lot of dresses. I would never wear flat shoes, though.

Who? I think Jennifer Lopez always looks really nicely put together and she can make the most out of any outfit. I don't like Victoria Beckham's style, it's too corporate for me.

  • Monthly spend £200

Sinead Donnelly (18)

Student, Dromore

Wore what? Dress, £30, Emoda; shoes, £30, bag, £45 both from River Island; sunglasses, £3, Primark.

Why? My style is quite flowery and a little bit boho. I don't like the Caterpillar style-boots with heels that are coming in at the moment.

Who? Cara Delevingne has a nice, edgy style but Miley Cyrus shows off far too much of herself for my liking.

  • Monthly spend £60

Joanna Williamson (23)

Project co-ordinator, Belfast

Wore what? Shirt, £15, and bag, £3, both from a vintage shop; jeans, £80, American Apparel; shoes, £16, Topshop.

Why? I love hunting for bargains and I really like bright colours. I don't like anything too clingy or too revealing, though.

Who? I think Kate Moss has a great, casual style. I really don't like what Lady Gaga does with her look, it's too strange.

  • Monthly spend £40

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