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Fashion spy: Sienna Miller’s look is very cool

Our reporter Rachel Dean checks out all the style at Victoria Square in Belfast.

Natasha Lynch (21), student, Enniskillen

Wore what? Dress, £20, H&M; necklace, £3, Primark; boots, £75, Oasis; bag, £330, Michael Kors.

Why? I would describe my style as quirky and casual, yet

feminine. I usually wear dresses as they are more comfortable.

Who? I love Katy Perry’s style because it is ‘out there’. She’s colourful and not afraid to be different than everyone around her.

Bonnie Diamond (26), weather forecaster, Kilkenny

Wore what? Top, £15, sunglasses, £15, both TK Maxx; jacket, £50, Topshop; skirt, £8, Primark; shoes, £15, ASOS; bag, £70, Longchamp.

Why? My look is very classic with my own quirky twist on it. I like having statement items, so, I’ll wear a lot of plain items, then have one really patterned or colourful item mixed in.

Who? I think Sienna Miller’s look is very cool. I try to take some style tips from her look.

Sharon McDonald (32), business owner, Saintfield

Wore what? Top, £15, Zara; skirt, £25, hat, £20, both River Island; necklace, £12, Warehouse; shoes, £800, Christian Louboutin; bag, £30, Accessorize.

Why? My look is very individualistic — I wear whatever I feel like wearing and I have never followed fashion trends.

Who? I will always love Vivienne Westwood’s look and brand. She’s cool, quirky and not afraid to push the boundaries of fashion.

Judith Kernoghan (31), personal secretary, Greenisland

Wore what? Dress, £35, Mango; cardigan, £10, Miss Glam; shoes, £80, store in Spain; bag, £15, New Look.

Why? My look could be described as smart casual but unique at the same time.

Who? Keira Knightley’s style is so modest — she never looks tacky. She wears a lot of skirts or dresses which would be very similar to my own style.

Chloe Moore (25), administration assistant, Suffolk

Wore what? Dress, £15, H&M; sleeveless jacket, £10, Peacocks; sunglasses, £15, Next; shoes, £30, Surfdome; bag, £20, Sports Direct.

Why? My style is feminine and appropriate to my shape and age. I like dresses and lots of colour.

Who? While I don’t really copy celebrity style choices, I think Natalie Portman is a fashion icon. She looks equally good in colour at an event or more pared-down.

Christine Mullan (32), occupational therapist, Newry

Wore what? Shirt, £26, Zara; sleeveless jacket, £50, shoes, £25, both Topshop; jeans, £40, River Island; sunglasses, £130, Coach; bag, £120, Michael Kors.

Why? My style consists of high street fashion and all the current trends — I like to look modern. I love having a mixture of colours in my outfit to make it more exciting.

Who? Pippa O’Connor for her fresh off the high street outfits. Her look is so fresh and I always take points from her style choices.

Emma Martin (20), student, Belfast

Wore what? Dress, £30, Glamorous; jacket, £20, New Look; sunglasses, £14, River Island; shoes, £45, Converse; bag, £150, Kate Spade.

Why? I prefer wearing dresses and would describe my look as very girly.

Who? I don’t usually follow someone else’s style, but, recently I’ve been watching Stephanie Pratt in a dating show and I’m a fan of her look. She inspired me to wear Converse trainers with a dress.

Danielle Davis (32), travel agent, Banbridge

Wore what? Dress, £20, H&M; necklace, £3, Primark; boots, £75, Oasis; bag, £330, Michael Kors.

Why? I usually stick to a casual, simple look. I only choose items that suit me and love comfy clothes for relaxing days.

Who? Mollie King’s look is great because it’s so stylish and up to date, yet it is still achievable.

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