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Fight frizz and more with help from hair mask

Sarah Young looks at conditioning treatments that will tame those tresses and ensure you have a stressless day

If you're struggling to tame frizz, your hair always feels dry or your colour is fading quickly, you're probably skipping an essential step in your beauty routine - hair masks.

A high-voltage version of a hair conditioner, hair masks boast many of the same benefits but thanks to a high concentration of ingredients they offer nourishing and healing properties at a far more intense level.

But the idea of using masks can also bring on a whole host of fears. How often should you use one? How long should you leave them on for? Here, we answer all your hair mask queries.

What is a hair mask?

A nourishing treatment for your tresses, masks contain conditioning ingredients such as oils and butters and are to be left on for longer than your standard shampoo or conditioner so you can get even more dramatic results in a single use. While masks won't cure your haircare woes completely, they will reduce breakage and leave it feeling healthy.

How do you use them?

All hair masks work differently, so it's important to always follow the instructions on the packaging - some need just three to five minutes, while others require 10 or can be left on overnight. The key here is finding one that will realistically work for your routine. Either way, they work best when applied to clean, wet hair and should be rinsed out after being allowed to sink in for the allotted time.

How often should you use one?

Again, this all depends on the type of mask you're using - but to keep your locks hydrated and shiny we recommend applying them at least once a week. However, if your hair is particularly damaged and in need of a little extra TLC, aim to use a hair mask two or three times a week.

What type of hair mask do you need?

Hair masks can target specific concerns, so whether you're dealing with frizzy tresses, waiting for an appointment with your colourist or want to add some extra shine, there is a formula for every need. Most tend to be packed with hydrating, moisturising and restorative ingredients such as shea, coconut oil, argan oil and avocado oil to help replenish hair and give it shine.

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