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Four simple and easy steps to picking a fabulous foundation

Dumbfounded by the range of options on the market? Fear not for, as beauty vlogging sensation Kaushal tells Katie Wright, making the right choice couldn't be easier - just stick to these terrific tips

With an army of 1.6 million subscribers, YouTuber Kaushal gets asked a lot of questions about make-up. But the one she gets asked the most is, How do I find the right foundation?

"Because there are so many foundations on the market, it can be a bit overwhelming - or underwhelming - sometimes," she says.

Finding 'the one' can be a lifelong quest, but luckily Kaushal has four key pieces of advice to help you find the correct shade, whatever your skin tone.

Follow these steps to find your perfect foundation.

1. Try before you buy

"I always say if you're going to get a high-end foundation, get a sample before you buy it, because the last thing you want is to spend £30 on a foundation that clearly doesn't match you. And if they are going to give you a sample, try to get a shade lighter and a shade darker, depending on your undertone."

2. Check the shade in natural light

"If you are getting tested and you need a foundation ASAP, make sure you see what it looks like in natural lighting outside. The lighting in the stores is heavily artificial, so anything can look good under those lights."

3. Do a flash test

"Always do a flash test, even if it's just on your phone, to see if you get any flashback (white make-up marks on your face)." Yep, that means an in-store selfie (or ask nicely and the counter assistant might help you out).

4. Know what type of foundation you want

"Do not buy a foundation just because someone else you know is using it.

"They might be using a really full coverage foundation but you might not actually like that.

"So know what you want before actually purchasing it."

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