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Freida Pinto: I like to mix up colour

Freida Pinto never wears the same colour on the red carpet.

The actress’ stunning looks have won her a multitude of fans all over the globe.

She favours classic pieces when going to industry events, but that doesn’t mean she’s boring. Frieda mixes things up by donning a new colour every time she’s at a party or premiere.

“I keep colour in mind and try not to repeat a shade I’ve used before. Everything needs to be in sync and seem like one perfect piece, one perfect look. At the end of the day it has to have the wow factor, so whatever I wear has to be, ‘Wow,’” she explained.

Freida knows many Hollywood stars squeeze themselves into pieces which are too small and wear shoes that pinch their feet. She refuses to do that as she thinks it’s unnecessary.

“Always wear something you’re comfortable in. If anyone comes up to you and says that for the price of fashion you need to suffer, just say no, absolutely not,” she advised in Look magazine. “Just be comfortable and always pull it off beautifully like any elegant woman would.”

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