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Fruity freshness, rich blooms and lush musks... 10 great perfumes for spring

Spring means new fragrances. Here, Katie Wright sniffs out some of the best hitting the market

In bloom: floral fragrances are traditionally a spring favourite
In bloom: floral fragrances are traditionally a spring favourite
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Midnight, £61 (was £71) for 50ml, Debenhams
Jo Malone London Frangipani Flower Cologne, £98 for 100ml
Diptyque Eau Rose Eau de Toilette, £50 for 30ml

Spring has finally sprung and it's brought with it a blooming bouquet of flower-powered fragrances. "Florals? For spring? Ground-breaking," we hear you mutter sarcastically, but this season's aromatic array is far from traditional.

There are no shrinking violets here - only distinctive and delightful scents to suit every taste.

Even the usual suspects (jasmine and rose, we're looking at you) have been blended in new and innovative ways.

But which is the one for you? Based on four key fragrance preferences, here are our perfume picks for spring...

If you like... rich blooms

1. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Midnight, £61 (was £71) for 50ml, Debenhams

Viktor & Rolf's much-loved Flowerbomb gets a nocturnal makeover with this darkly decadent new edition, which marries night-blooming jasmine with patchouli, a pinch of pepper and a squeeze of blackcurrant.

2. Jo Malone London Frangipani Flower Cologne, £98 for 100ml

As bright and sunny as its yellow bottle suggests, this luscious cologne brings the tropical flower to life with ylang ylang, jasmine and a zingy hit of lemon.

3. Diptyque Eau Rose Eau de Toilette, £50 for 30ml

The Queen of Flowers reigns supreme in this sumptuous concoction, which teams two of the most fragrant varieties, centifolia and damascena, resulting in a ravishing rose explosion.

If you like... fruity freshness

4. YSL Mon Paris Parfum Floral, £75 for 50ml

Ever heard of the datura plant? Neither had we until we encountered this scent. Centred around this poisonous, night-blooming white flower, Mon Paris Floral adds peach flesh, raspberry and pear into the mix, creating a juicy, fruity floral cocktail.

5. Coach Floral Blush Eau de Parfum, £69 for 90ml, FeelUnique (available April 22)

Zesty grapefruit and sweet peach leap out from this sprightly scent, while delicate peony and a musky finish round out the composition.

If you like... clean and green

6. Malin and Goetz Stem Eau de Parfum, £75 for 50ml

One of two new launches that focus on foliage rather than petals, this green-fingered fragrance gathers together the fresh scents of leaves, stalks and stems, bolstering the verdant elements with earthy musks and woods. If you're happiest in a greenhouse or potting shed, this perfume will surely appeal.

7. L'Occitane Herbae Eau de Parfum, £60 for 50ml

Likewise, if you love nothing more than to inhale the crisp aroma of tomato or raspberry leaves, L'Occitane's Herbae will be right up your street. Based on the wild grasses of Provence, it also includes nettle and bramble, plus a dash of wild rose to balance the botanical notes.

If you like... lush musks

8. Chanel Les Exclusifs de Chanel 1957 Eau de Parfum, £155 for 75ml

No fewer than eight white musks are brought together in 1957, named after the year when Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel was at the height of her powers. Bergamot and neroli add a citrus freshness to the powdery musks, while iris brings a subtle sweetness.

9. Jimmy Choo Floral Eau de Toilette, £49 for 60ml, The Perfume Shop (available May 20)

Simultaneously floral, fruity and musky, this seductive blend brings together magnolia, nectarine, mandarin oil and apricot flower, floating on a bed of soft amber and wood notes.

10. Armani Prive Musc Shamal, £225 for 100ml

Inspired by the sand dunes of Arabia, this oriental fragrance brings rose and jasmine into the desert musk mix, warming the floral notes with rich amber and cedar wood.

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