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Full steam ahead as designer Lizzie begins works on Titanic dress

By Amanda Poole

Everything looks shipshape in Lizzie Agnew’s design studio as she sets about creating the ‘Titanic Dress’.

The Belfast-based designer behind the stunning City Hall ‘dome dress’ in 2009 is detailing the distinctive maritime-themed gown, based on the iconic Belfast visitor attraction. The challenge of capturing the unusual shape of Titanic Belfast has been so great that in true shipyard style, Lizzie has a called on welder Graham McGarel to help create a structure for the dress.

It will be layered with metallic grey silk to replicate the anodised aluminium cladding used on Titanic Belfast and will include glass-like panels to reflect the extensive use of glass on the six-floor building.

“The project is a real professional challenge, but I’m thrilled that Titanic Belfast has given me the opportunity to be involved with the centenary celebrations for Titanic, which remains one of the greatest design brands of the modern era.”

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