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Future looks neon bright for launch of Northern Ireland Fashionweek 2019

By Staff Reporter

Top fashionistas and style influencers packed into Belfast's popular Panama restaurant yesterday to be part of the media launch of the 2019 Spring/Summer Fashionweek.

Dayglo glamour is one of the sizzling hot trends flagged up by the Fashionweek insiders.

Hot eye-popping neon colours join boiler suits, intricate lace, high-end artisanal craftwork, frou-frou feathers and fringes, corduroy, cycling shorts and 50 shades of cool beige as some of the fashion forward must-haves of the 2019 season.

It's the 27th Fashionweek season, said Fashionweek organiser Cathy Martin as she got this year's prestige launch programme under way.

Fashionweek begins on March 29 - Brexit Day - with a high-octane trendsetting catwalk fashion show in the city's St Anne's Cathedral.

"If Brexit goes ahead then what I want Fashionweek to be is relief" said style guru Cathy.

"For us, the show must go on!"

The Friday kickoff extravaganza - the gateway to a week-long catalogue of showcase style events - will feature fashions from a host of style conscious international brands and boutiques, including Zara, Mango, Blush, Asos and Top Shop.

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