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Gavin Rossdale dresses like a ‘Japanese architect’

Gavin Rossdale is enjoying talking openly about his lifestyle brand, Sea of Sound.

Gavin Rossdale likens his quirky style to a “Japanese architect on a weekend”.

The Bush frontman has tapped into the fashion market with lifestyle brand Sea of Sound, featuring a 12-piece clothing collection. It’s an exciting time for the rocker and in a new interview, he revealed he thoroughly enjoyed injecting his own sartorial taste into the finished pieces.

“It’s so fun to talk to you because it’s the first ever moment I’ve had to talk to someone from the fashion industry about it,” he gushed to WWD. “I wanted to wait until the samples were done. It’s a 12-piece collection with some colour swaps, all made in Los Angeles and designed by me.

“The first collection is called Broken because it takes more than two elements of fabric to make one, so it’s all cut off pieces and my MacGregor tartan because I’m a MacGregor. It’s tricked out. It’s cool - it’s just like how I dress, which is like a Japanese architect on a weekend.”

It was his friends opening up a retail store that triggered Gavin’s desire to get into designing. After setting up shop in the corner of their space, things took off for the musician and they began creating merchandise for his band under the name Wolf Three. He soon renamed it to Sea of Sound, and promises the pieces will be out late this summer (17).

“I don’t really know what I’m doing right now, but I have a good team of people helping me with that on the creative side,” he noted. “We’re going to go to war with it, in a nice way. That’s a terrible phrase. We’re going to go to business with it, I mean.”

His creative side doesn’t stop there though as Gavin, who was previously married to popstar Gwen Stefani, also has a cooking show up his sleeve under the lifestyle company’s umbrella.

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