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Get your coat: Make a fashion statement with your winter warmer

By Gemma Hayward

If you splash out on one thing for yourself before Christmas, make it a winter warmer.

The weather is only going to get colder, so if you are going to allow yourself one treat before you start shelling out for Christmas presents, the sensible thing to do would to be to kit yourself out with a new coat.

Fashion is still preoccupied with the animal prints and motifs of the summer, and your wildlife addiction is not a habit you’ll be able to kick anytime soon: the latest thing is to imitate the actual coat of our furry friends. Take your lead from Marc Jacobs and ensure your faux fur looks as “fun” as possible – it’s a much better idea to fake it in an obvious way.

The high street has pulled off this trend brilliantly, with Cos and Miss Selfridge filling their rails with fluff.

Leather biker jackets have been the rock-chick choice since the Eighties, but they’ve evolved in recent seasons into a long-line, slightly tailored version. Rather than looking to the LA metal scene for inspiration, try an understated French look – widely available in luxe wool and patterned fabrics, which make for a more refined garment.

Contrasted colours or patterned sleeves are also common with the long-length biker – Zara has some great ones – but that’s not where fabric mix stops. Lapels, belts and whole panels on coats are being produced in contrast tones and fabrics that complement each other in a subtle way and make your manteau more interesting.

The military look is probably the safest coat trend to invest in as it has a long-standing influence over how we dress and never entirely leaves the winter-trend roster. Next, Mango and Wallis have affordable options, and what with all the pronounced buttons, frogging and epaulettes, this is also one of the smarter coat choices too.

Faux Fur Fun

Fashion’s obsession with wildlife motifs in recent seasons goes one step further in winter’s bright and bold animal print and faux fur offerings. Plus, you get all the snuggle and none of the guilt.

Mixed Media

Sombre winter clothes don’t need to be dull – add interest and be different with leather sleeves, patches and panels, contrasting patterns and details, or an embellished collar.

Long-line Biker

A rock-chick classic reworked for winter, these longer-length jackets can be dressed up or down, grown-up or grungy, depending on your mood.


A hardy perennial, military shapes rarely go out of fashion when it comes to coats – they’re a little smarter than most too, thanks to button detail and a structured, tailored aspect.

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