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Gina Rodriguez calls for Photoshop-free society

The Jane the Virgin star is a huge fan of self-love.

Actress Gina Rodriguez is not a fan of how modern day technology filters out reality.

The Jane the Virgin star is very proud of her natural curves, so when she sees herself slimmed down in magazine photos that are Photoshopped, the 32-year-old is often left feeling puzzled about why a designer would want to alter the way she looks.

"In this day and age of Photoshopping and transforming oneself and filtering and filtering and filtering it really feels good when a photo can capture my heart, my body, my spirit, without having to gloss over it," she tells the October issue of U.S. Women's Health.

"Let me keep my curves, my birthmark," she adds. "I want to look like myself."

The gorgeous Latina is convinced the Photoshop phenomenon is borne out of a deep sense of insecurity and she supports other people in empowering themselves by refusing to buy into judgmental comparisons.

"People will say you are not attractive," she elaborates. "People will say you are not skinny enough, not tall enough, not thick enough, not curvy enough, not white enough, not brown enough, not this enough. Well, I really hope you don't feel that way about yourself, because then we're all screwed."

Rodriguez concludes: "Don't compare yourself to anyone because no one is in your race. Stay in your lane, and do you. We all want love, we want acceptance, we all want to be healthy, to have a family, and be successful. Yet we act like we don't. We act like our separation of culture, our separation of colour, makes us different. But we all want the same damn things."

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