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Gina Rodriguez trained in Muay Thai for Jane the Virgin

The actress accidentally punched her co-star in the face while filming.

Gina Rodriguez travelled to Thailand for a month to train in Muay Thai for her show Jane the Virgin.

The third season of Gina's hit TV show features a time lapse and the actress wanted her physique to be different when the show picked up three years later. She also wanted to be able to keep up with the new physical demands of the show.

"(The place where I trained) was actually a really gorgeous place," she told Live! with Kelly and Ryan on Wednesday (17May17). "It's AKA Thailand and it's a Muay Thai place that is here in America as well. It's beautiful, you train under a huge canopy in the middle of a jungle and it's gorgeous."

"I was actually training for Jane (the Virgin)," she continues. "We were flash forwarding three years on the show, this past season, and that meant that my son was going to be four and I just felt like for one (I wanted to be able to) physically pick up a four-year-old all the time... I had a really good time, I went with my boyfriend (Joe LoCicero)."

However, Gina's new found passion led to a mishap when she returned to the set. During a scene in which she has to break up a fight between her onscreen father and lover, she accidentally punched actor Francisco San Martin in the face.

"I really punched him hard... and I felt so bad because we had a stunt coordinator and we kept doing it correctly," she added. "There was just one time and I saw his nose so clear and I blocked and I just (hit him) and I was like, '(Oh my God)!' I didn't break his nose, I pulled back so quickly, he was such a good sport... He just kept going with the scene, we finished the scene and then I was like, 'Dude I am so sorry,' and he was like, 'No dude, oh my God you punch (hard)'..."

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