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Golden robes and the frocky horrors at the Globes

Classic siren: Lady Gaga
Classic siren: Lady Gaga
Bronze beauty: Brie Larson
Red hot: Jennifer Lawrence
Triumph: Julianne Moore
Enviable style: Amber Heard
Too fussy: Jennifer Lopez
Melissa McCarthy
Charity tat: Cate Blanchett
Uninspiring: Kate Winslet
Ill-advised: Saoirse Ronan

By Frances Burscough

From Versace gowns to Dior dresses, the Hollywood glitterati were strutting their stuff at the Golden Globes. But who was hot at the glam LA ceremony and who was not?

The winners:

There were surprisingly few black gowns at the Globes this year, but Lady Gaga's sumptuous black velvet number was one of the most outstanding of the evening. Everything about the custom-made Versace style was perfect, from the elegant drape of the fabric to the plunging sweetheart neckline. She may be new to the acting game but with her Marilyn Monroe hairstyle and perfect accessories she looked every inch a classic siren of the silver screen.

Brie Larson, the American actress who scooped Best Actress for her role in the movie Room looked impeccably dressed in this exquisite Grecian column dress by Calvin Klein. The shade of sparkly metallic bronze complemented her hair perfectly and the cut-away styling accentuated her enviable figure. Coincidentally (or was it?) the overall effect was not dissimilar to the Golden Globe statuette she won, so it too looked like a part of her outfit.

Another clear winner was the gorgeous scarlet Dior dress worn by Jennifer Lawrence. She is always impeccably turned out on these occasions and Sunday was no exception. I loved the clever backless cut and the contrast diamante collar, which reminded me of something Grace Kelly might have worn in the 1960s. You would of course have to be super slim to pull off this style but Jen is just a slip of a girl and carried it off with panache.

Julianne Moore rarely puts a foot wrong on the red carpet and this midnight blue sequin sheath dress by Tom Ford was another total triumph for the ageless actress. The shade and shape complemented her in every way, from its contrast with her pale complexion and auburn hair to the way it hugged her statuesque figure. Absolutely spectacular.

I have many reasons to envy Amber Heard - not least because she's married to my heartthrob Johnny Depp - but also for her beautiful crimson dress in layers of finest silk chiffon decorated to perfection with a cascade of silk rose buds at the neckline. She looked a vision of loveliness, like a Pre-Raphaelite Goddess of Spring. I want that dress. I may (will) never have occasion to wear it, but I want it now.

The Losers :

Jennifer Lopez has always been a bit hit-and-miss in terms of taste and I'm sorry to say that this overwhelmingly yellow concoction was a massive miss. Apart from its overkill in terms of yellowness, it is fussy, unflattering and completely over the top. Ever since she appeared in it the social networks have had a field-day comparing her to a squeezy bottle of hotdog mustard. I think she looks like she's been dipped in Birds Instant Custard.

Melissa McCarthy is the funny girl everyone loves but that doesn't mean she has to dress like a cartoon character. When I saw this array of wet-look fabric completely concealing her entire body I imagined some kind of slapstick comedy scene involving a shower curtain.

Cate Blanchett is usually amongst the best-dressed at these events, but this shell pink creation by Givenchy just goes to show that even style goddesses and legendary labels can sometimes get it wrong. If you remember those lampshades they used to have in posh hotels - the ones with silk fringing - then you'll understand where I'm coming from. She looks like she's wearing one after rescuing it from the claws of a cat. I get the idea she was going for - the 1920s flapper girl etc - but unfortunately this just looks like charity shop tat.

Kate Winslet Midnight blue is very on-trend this season but I'm afraid I find this bias-cut evening gown just a little bit boring and unimaginative. It doesn't do Kate any favours and the way she's accessorised it with minimal jewellery is pretty uninspiring.

As much as I admire Irish actress Saoirse Ronan, I think she was ill-advised to chose this white Romanesque gown by Saint Laurent. It is a beautiful style, but you have to have the presence and the panache to wear something like this and sadly Saoirse doesn't - yet. Her stylist should have advised her against it, or at least encouraged her to go for an elaborate up-style and more distinctive jewellery and make-up to counter-balance the dramatic effect of the dress. Without any of that, she just looks like a little girl trying on her mother's wardrobe.

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