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Gwen Stefani designed spectacles for kids so her son didn't look 'lame' at school

The star hopes to boost kids' confidence with her junior collection.

Singer Gwen Stefani felt compelled to use her eye for design to create glasses for kids when she learned of her son's poor eyesight.

After the mother-of-three discovered Zuma, nine, needed to wear spectacles she decided to expand her L.A.M.B & gx Eyewear collection to provide styles for children, because she was unimpressed with the glasses on offer for kids at optic stores.

“My little baby boy has to wear them, which is heartbreaking when you find that out,” she told America's InStyle magazine at her summer press preview party for L.A.M.B. & gx Eyewear in Los Angeles on Wednesday (23Aug17). “Then you go out there to try to find something, and everything’s lame looking."

“That’s why it’s so perfect that I got to be able to be part of this,” she added. “To me, that is too small a collection for kids. Hopefully they’re (glasses sales) going to do good enough that I can keep doing more. I love it. I love being part of designing.”

Zuma is loving the striped pair of glasses he is sporting from the new L.A.M.B. & gx Eyewear collection and proud mum Gwen is happy she had a part in boosting his confidence at school with her designs.

"You don't want anything to have to be different (when you're a kid on the playground). You know what I mean? You just want them to be happy," the Hollaback Girl hitmaker shared. "Once we had to have glasses, (I was like) let’s find some cool glasses, and it was hard. So to be able to have the opportunity to make them and have him be part of it has been really cute, and it’s so him. He’s so the glasses guy now."

Gwen's new eyewear designs will be available in January, 2018.

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