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Hailee Steinfeld pushing boundaries with her pop star style

Actress Hailee Steinfeld can’t get enough of high-waisted trousers and vintage denim.

Hailee Steinfeld loves performing her new music as it gives her an excuse to experiment with outfits.

The American star first rose to prominence for her portrayal of Mattie Ross in 2010’s True Grit, and has since gone onto cement her status as a versatile talent, following the release of her single Love Myself and debut EP titled Haiz in late 2015.

And Hailee, who has modelled for the likes of Miu Miu, was grateful to have found another outlet for her creative expression.

“This last year, really diving into the whole music scene and being onstage called for a completely different approach,” she told “I’ve had so much fun being able to go that extra mile when you’re on stage, and using that as an excuse to try a different look.”

The 20-year-old also shares that she finds film costumes really help aid her performances, especially in period pieces such as True Grit. But she admits that her off-duty look while she films the upcoming Pitch Perfect 3 is much more relaxed.

“My days consist of waking up super early and, most of the time, getting dressed in the dark, so I haven’t really been putting too much thought into my look! Still, I’ve become a much bigger fan of denim recently; I love high-waisted pairs and anything with a vintage feel,” she smiled.

The brunette beauty adds that she’s also a fan of wearing sandals or flip-flops with her outfits, especially since becoming a brand ambassador for California-based Reef. The latest collection of Reef’s sandals is inspired by “vintage California” and offers up neutral colours juxtaposed with bold, unpredictable prints to fit any occasion.

“I’ve realised that you can make something of (sandals) with an outfit,” shared Hailee. “Normally I’d think I would need the perfect shoes to finish (an outfit) off. But really all you need is this completely comfortable simple sandal.”

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