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Hard-working products worthy of a place in your daily skincare routine

With thousands of innovations happening in beauty labs each year, it can be hard to know which goodies are worthy of your money. Katie Wright looks at the biggest ingredients trends and how they can help you

You've got to give new beauty launches a go to find out whether they truly live up to their claims - so which deserve a try? To help sort the duds from the delights, we've rounded up the ingredients generating the most buzz in the beauty world and where you can find them.

From natural to high-tech and luxury to bargain, these are the hard-working products that deserve a place in your skincare routine.

1. Black pearl

What does it do?

Black pearls, which can only be found in the lagoons of French Polynesia, are known for their skin-brightening and firming properties, making them an excellent addition to your anti-ageing arsenal.

Where can you find it?

Dr Organic's newest day cream combines black pearl with hyaluronic acid and biotin for a complexion-boosting triple whammy.

Dr Organic Pro Collagen Plus Black Pearl, £9.49 (was £18.99), Holland and Barrett

2. Moringa

What does it do?

Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil, a product of the moringa tree, is an incredibly nourishing oil that's packed with antioxidants, and helps to promote radiant, hydrated skin.

Where can you find it?

Leave Emma Hardie's moringa-filled mask on overnight to really reap the benefits of the oil. Nivea's new shower mousse brings major moisture all over your body too.

Emma Hardie Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask, £49, Marks & Spencer

Nivea Shower Mousse Lemon Meringue, £2.99, Superdrug

3. Kombucha

What does it do?

Not just a trendy drink, fermented sweet black tea can work wonders when applied topically. It has been proven to improve skin tone and elasticity.

Where can you find it?

Add a daily shot of kombucha to your skincare routine by applying Fresh's liquid essence after cleansing. Use your fingertips to tap it on rather than cotton wool, to ensure none of the product is wasted.

Fresh Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence, £59

4. Drone peptides

What does they do?

Every beauty buff knows that peptides are essential for stimulating collagen production, but new drone peptide technology helps target areas of the face where signs of stress are most visible.

Where can you find it?

This clever peptide delivery system can only be found in Elemis' new night cream. Impressive user trials showed the appearance of wrinkles dramatically improved and skin looked more youthful.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Overnight Matrix, £145

5. Prohib8

What does it do?

Similar to famous 'Syn-Ake' serum, this lab-created super-ingredient creates an invisible film across the surface of the skin, meaning fine lines are instantly reduced.

Where can you find it?

Skn Rehab's new moisturiser combines powerful Prohib8 with a raft of antioxidant-rich oils to hydrate skin and promote cell growth.

Skn Rehab Skn Therapy The Moisturiser, £65

6. Orchid

What does it do?

Not just a pretty flower, orchids have high levels of flavonoids, which help protect them from environmental aggressors, and they can do the same for your skin.

Where can you find it?

Temple Spa's luxurious new serum harnesses the protective properties of rare black orchid. Follow it up with Botanics night cream, which contains purple orchid extract, to slow the signs of ageing.

Temple Spa Trufflelixir Luxe Serum, £75

Botanics Triple Age Renewal Night Cream, £10.49, Boots

7. Taurine

What does it do?

You'll recognise taurine as the active ingredient of energy drinks (its name comes from the Latin for 'bull'), but did you know this amino acid can also give your skin 'wings' by stimulating the synthesis of ATP, the energy storage molecule of cells?

Where can you find it?

Using taurine derived from seaweed, the new PhytoEnergise range from Optimum has been proven to improve skin tone and luminosity. Try the Glycolic Cleansing Pads to simultaneously exfoliate and energise your skin.

Optimum PhytoEnergise Glycolic Cleansing Pads, £4.95 (was £9.99), Superdrug

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