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Helen Mirren: My style is horrible sometimes

Dame Helen Mirren often gets her style “horribly wrong”.

The British actress is famed for elegant beauty and chic wardrobe choices. Despite being praised for her effortlessly stunning look, the 66-year-old star shies away from fussy fashion because she’s likely to mess it up “horribly”.

“Keep it clean – keep the lines clean. I don’t have an impeccable sense of style. I often get it horribly wrong,” she admitted in an interview with Good Housekeeping magazine.

“But when you look at people who know what they’re doing, it’s often very clean with one very amazing thing.”

Helen loves acting because it gives her an excuse to wear finery from time to time. The Oscar-winning star insists her make-up artists, hair experts, and wardrobe stylists are the reason behind her impressive red-carpet look.

“Oh, that’s the fun of my job, dressing up. That does half of the work for you,” she smiled.

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