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Henry Cavill: ‘There’s no quick fitness fix’

Henry Cavill stays fit enough to feel comfortable being snapped without his shirt on.

Henry Cavill doesn’t have a quick fix approach when it comes to exercise.

The current Superman has become known for his bulging biceps since being cast as the caped superhero, most recently showing off his physique in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

When it comes to maintaining his muscles, Henry admits there’s no easy route for him.

“A lot of working out today is, ‘Let’s make it an easy fix’. Do this, and do that, and you’ve got 60-second abs,” he sighed to Men’s Fitness. “My own personal approach to training is, I’m learning year after year after year and applying it and finding what fits and suits me best for my lifestyle. It’s been a long process. There’s no quick fix. I was very fit, then I was not very fit, then I was very fit again, then I was not very fit.”

As a youngster Henry was known Fat Cavill because of his weight, but as an adult the 33-year-old has worked hard to stay in shape. While his fitness may yo-yo from time to time, the handsome British star thinks he’s finally found the right balance.

“Now that I’m fit again, I think I’ve found a comfortable balance, which is enjoyable because we all like to go out for drinks and have pizza and have dinners and all the nice things in life, and not being a complete gym psycho,” he smiled.

“But I stay fit enough to feel comfortable with taking my shirt off at the beach, because someone’s going to take a photo, and then it won’t all of a sudden be, ‘Hey look, fat Superman!’ in the Daily Mail or something like that. It’ll just be, ‘Hey, look, Henry Cavill at the beach,’ and I won’t be ashamed to see that photo.”

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