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How to get a head start on looking like Hollywood superstar

As he celebrates 25 years at the top, Charles Worthington reveals how to recreate red carpet glamour at home. Lisa Haynes reports

Hairdressing is constantly evolving. From dip-dye colour trends to asymmetric cuts and feather hair extensions, the faddy trends may come and go. But an elite stable of hairdressers has stood the test of time.

Charles Worthington is undoubtedly a member of this exclusive club — and this year marks a quarter of a century since he opened his salon doors.

With a client book crammed with A-listers, and blow-drying skills at the ready for his fourth year as official hairdresser at the BAFTAs in February, Worthington is celebrating the occasion with a hair gift for us all — a limited edition BAFTA and CW 25th Anniversary Collection of products.

His mantra is “bouncy, shiny, touchable hair that looks full of life”. With the Oscars and BAFTAs upon us, Worthington reveals how to achieve that red carpet look in the comfort of your home.


You don't need an invite to a flashy premiere to feel like a superstar. Follow Worthington's hair tricks for a big event in your diary and you'll be fighting off the camera flash bulbs in no time...


The glossy hair you see on the red carpets isn't achieved by shine spray alone. Stars spend weeks prepping for their big red carpet moment, according to Worthington, diet included.

“You can't expect to have shiny hair without a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins, minerals and nutrients,” he says.

“If you want to boost your diet with supplements to help your hair health, then take vitamin B complex, zinc and Omega 3 that will provide essential fatty acids.”


Ditch grand plans for hair treatments on the day. Styling your tresses when it's not freshly washed provides better hold for dressed hair.

“Freshly washed hair can be slippery, so day-old hair is always better,” Worthington explains.

“Spritz a volumising spray into dry hair, then rough dry to achieve more texture to work with for dressing your hair. Beware if you have greasy hair, use a dry shampoo first.”


Hair looking bouncy but lacklustre? Fake that Hollywood shine. Worthington recommends ditching the hairspray and using volumising spray and shine serum instead.

“A little trick of mine is to apply a tiny amount of serum to the palm of the hand then, using a large make-up brush, lightly sweep over the hair for subtle glossiness and shine,” he recommends.

You can also try Worthington's trick of blasting cold air at the end of each blow-dried section to set the style and seal the cuticles with extra shine.


Nobody wants to spend half

the night constructing an elaborate hairstyle only for it to start falling out as soon as you pick up your first canape.

Matte hair grips are an essential in Charles Worthington's wardrobe of hair essentials because they have a firmer hold and show up less than shiny ones.

“If you're dressing hair, my top tip is bending back one corner of a hair pin to form a fish hook — it means that when you put the pin into the hair, it can't come out.

“Bear in mind you need to allow a little time to take the hair out afterwards!”


Worthington cites a style he created for Emilia Fox at the BAFTAs as a red carpet favourite — a side-on, tousled low bun.

“The one big advantage of this style is that it's at the side of your head so you can see what you're doing, which means you're cheating to start with,” he says.

“Not many people realise that you can use a big bun ring — my favourite secret weapon to create the illusion of plentiful hair.”

Put your hair in a ponytail and pull through the ring, gripping sections of the hair to the ring.


Worthington has coiffured the locks of countless A-listers during his 25 years of blow-drying, snipping and styling. Here, he reveals some of his favourite famous encounters in the hairdresser's chair:

  • I loved working with Sharon Stone for the BAFTAs in 2009 — that lady has star quality! She was breathtakingly beautiful even without any make-up. For the BAFTAs, her hair was quite short, so we decided to put it up to give the impression of an up-do. The aim was for an effortlessly chic look that wasn't too structured or ageing but had a more spontaneous feel.
  • When Sex And The City were filming the very last episode, they did the final scenes in our salon in New York. That was thanks to Kim Cattrall who was a client and suggested our salon for the shoot. At the time, Kim had blonde shoulder-length, high-maintenance hair, which needed to look mega-groomed for the part. She loved having polished, bouncy hair — our blow-dry times together were always fun.
  • Jerry Hall has thick, luscious hair, which sometimes needs controlling. That said, she is so lucky to have good strong hair. She loves the Salon Results Moisture Seal range, which has the nourishing Argan oil as a key ingredient. Jerry also used to love using the Moisture Seal Mineral Rescue Rejuvenating Masque (£5.69); we would put this on her hair whenever she was in the salon for a bit of extra conditioning and a moisture boost.
  • When we started working with model Jodie Kidd for one of our hair collections, we wanted to create a Twiggy-esque look so we got her to wear a short wig. She loved the elfin look so much that it was shortly after the shoot we decided to cut her hair short. Wigs are a great way to give people insight into how they might look with short, long or curly hair and can help give you the confidence to make a big change.

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