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How to get bold brows like Cara Delevingne

This season, the bold eyebrow trend continues apace – softly does it, though: think Cara Delevingne rather than stencilled-on caterpillars, says Emma Akbareian

There has been something of a revolution in eyebrow maintenance of late. Several consecutive seasons of big brows making their way down runways at shows such as Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs, combined with the popularity of the au naturel look sported by model-of-the-minute Cara Delevingne and a more polished Duchess of Cambridge, mean that bushy brows are having a moment.

Eyebrows come in many shapes and sizes: thick, thin, arched, straight, pencilled and even tattooed. To get this particular look, think more along the lines of Nineties supermodels à la Christy Turlington than sharply stencilled, Scouse-brow inspired. As a focal point above the eyes, eyebrows frame the face; get the frame wrong and the rest of the picture can end up looking a little odd.

The most common error made with eyebrows, and one that usually occurs during youth, is over-zealous plucking. The tadpole look is the result of getting carried away with tweezers and while it might be on-trend at 14, the older you get, the less appealing this particular shape is. “Strong, full brows are natural and instant youth boosters: they lift, shape and balance the face,” says the founder of Blink Brow Bar, Vanita Parti.

The process of re-growing an over-plucked brow is not as easy as it sounds. Blink Brow Bars are responsible for introducing legions of customers to the nifty hair-removal technique of threading. Not content with shaping eyebrows to perfection, Blink has now launched “Brow-hab”, a service especially designed for those who have been a  little heavy-handed with the tweezers.

Other products on the market for those not blessed with an abundance of brow include RapidBrow, a serum with a clinically proven formula, while Elizabeth Arden’s lash- and brow-enhancing Prevage serum is a pricier option that promises visible improvement in just two weeks. Who knew that little area of hair just above your eyes could prove to be quite so tricky?

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