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How to get this season's blusher trend

By Sinead Van Kampen

This season's blush trend is bright, modern and worn high on the cheekbones. The look is 80's glamour meets girly geisha, with more than a whisper of Bowie!

Here are the rules:

Prepare your canvas

With the blush so bright it's important the rest of your complexion remains in the background. Foundation is the canvas for the look and should be pale and understated. Forget your usual shade and swap for a foundation one shade lighter than your natural skin tone, keep the lips neutral, nude or very dusty pink. If you want to avoid looking like a Gibbon, at no point should the colour red be added to this look!

Keep it bright

For the main event fuchsias and crimson palettes work best. As there is no going back on the look you can forget soft hues and baby pinks.

The blush should be highly pigmented and layered for a full burst of colour.

Shape it

Position is key when it comes to mastering this look. Shaping starts at the highest point of the cheekbone and rounds in a kidney shape towards the hairline. More depth can be added by tapping a little illuminator over the blush for highlights.

The eyes have it

With bold cheeks if you're not careful the eyes can disappear altogether. Keep eyes in place with some bold pastel shading and for full on futurism, add some dimension with creams and blues on the sockets. For depth mascara is a must. A couple of coats on upper and lower lids should do it.

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