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How to have a perfect hair day

Bored by your tresses? Lisa Haynes reveals how to make a bold hair statement for the new season.

You don't have to buy a new wardrobe to achieve a fashion-forward image for autumn/winter. In fact, you could be stark naked and still work a cutting edge look with a statement hairstyle.

If your post-summer tresses are sun-streaked, straggly and downright snore-inducing, it's time to take action.

“As September sweeps in, long beach summer hair sweeps right out,” explains celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward.

“This annual trend is like a hair migration. “Women all over the country go for a real departure hairwise to greet the new season and compliment their wardrobes.”

Avoiding the safe trim option, celebrities are going wild for shock tactics. Be inspired by Pixie Lott's crop, Katy Perry's pink tresses and Cheryl Cole's dirty blonde bob. New X Factor judge Kelly Rowland recently revealed she has a selection of nicknamed wigs allowing her to change her look as often as her designer heels.

But there's no need to be greedy if you just want one hot new hairstyle. Make a date to embrace an autumnal hair adventure.


Don't put the sunglasses away just yet; summer may be over but celebrities have sparked a trend for dazzling with uberbright hair colours.

Katy Perry picked eye-popping pink, Charlotte Church flaming red, while Sienna Miller and Kate Bosworth were both content with dip-dye streaks of pink and green respectively.

Thankfully, rainbow shades aren't the only option... “Going darker in autumn/winter is common - most women want to reflect the key fashion trends by opting for richer colours, which are denser in tone,” says Ward.

Before you hit the dye bottle, always consult a professional before a drastic colour change to avoid a paint pot disaster.

HAIR-RAISING ADVICE: Don't fad colour. If you want to work a different colour every weekend, try a non-permanent hair colourant, which lasts between6-24 washes, rather than going for the permanent plunge.


Emma Watson said 'Hermione, who?' once filming for Harry Potter ended and marked the end of the Hogwarts era by going for the chop.

She described her crop transformation as “the most liberating thing ever” and it seems others are demanding the short hair sorcery.

“The super-short crop is the creeper trend of the season and I think this is one that'll keep on giving,” says Josh Rees Hole, stylist at Urban Retreat.

“Since stars like Emma went for the chop, women have been getting bolder and rocking this Sixties- inspired style for themselves. It's versatile for any age.”

HAIR-RAISING ADVICE: Don't enter into a crop lightly, especially if you're a lifetime longhaired candidate. Upload your photo to a free virtual makeover site, like, to 'try on' new short hairstyles and see if they suit.


Furrowed brow becoming the bane of your life? Forget Botox, the fringe has been dubbed beauty's anti-ageing alternative. A fringe can help create a younger look (covering up telltale signs) and vamp up your look in a few minutes flat.

“The fringe is a classic for those looking for a change,” says Jo Cree Brown, artistic director at Trevor Sorbie.

“It's versatility and timelessness make the fringe one of our all-time favourites for a makeover.” Fringe styles can vary from full, sweepy, blunt or soft, but with a Sixties vibe taking hold, this season is all about the eye-sweeping full fringe.

HAIR-RAISING ADVICE: If you get a panic attack every time the scissors hover near your eyes for the fringe chop, experiment first.

Try on a 'winge' (fringe wig). You can get sharp or rock-chick styles, £30, at


If you're happy with your hair but want to change your look in an instant, your parting is the way to divide and conquer. Switching from a centre to extreme side parting or vice versa can drastically mix things up — minus the commitment of a severe crop or colour.

With androgyny big on the fashion agenda, a smooth side-parting is the boyish way forward, according to Alain Pichon, hair stylist for L'Oreal Paris: “A low side-parting is instantly more masculine than a middle parting, especially when hair is slicked down and made to appear short when secured in a low knot or ponytail at the back.”

HAIR-RAISING ADVICE: Keep the style flat to the head for a more dramatic look. Blast heat onto wet hair, use a tail comb to tame and finish with a spritz of spray wax for all-day hold.

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