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In Pictures: Fashion Souk Belfast launch party

The award-winning Fashion Souk has opened Ireland’s first eco-fashion and sewing café in the heart of Belfast’s city centre.

The launch took place in the In Shops on Castle Lane, where the chic city centre.

Founder of The Fashion Souk Alyson McElroy said, “The monthly Fashion Souk events have been running for some time now and there is a clear interest in ethically sourced and upcycled fashion in Northern Ireland.

"Our community already knows the importance of being green, reducing waste and looking after the environment but more and more people are realising that if we don’t do it now, it will be too late for future generations to salvage. We are delighted that the new Fashion Souk Boutique store will be open every week so we can reach even more shoppers with the smart shopping message in between the monthly Souks.

"I am particularly excited about our dedicated sewing area that will allow shoppers to learn how to make, mend or customise favourite clothes to prolong their wardrobe life and keep their owners on trend. Plus fashionistas will be able to make something completely unique, exactly how they want it and no one else will be able to buy in the shops.”

Director of Belfast Fashionweek, Cathy Martin, said: “Belfast is a fashionable, chic city but shoppers also want to be conscious and careful when picking up the latest trends. These days, there’s no shame in buying previously owned clothes and cheaper isn’t always better. And although we are in a recession, I find people would rather choose something a couple of pounds more expensive to ensure people in the clothing industry are being fairly treated.

"In addition, fashionistas are shopping smarter, choosing classic and versatile pieces that can be worn season after season and then revamped and re-loved, as money is tighter and people are more waste conscious. The Boutique Souk is a welcome addition to the city centre."

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