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In Pictures: Unify fashion show at the Carnegie

Unify Collective Fashion Studio, based in Carnegie Building, Donegal Road, Belfast, will allow graduate designers to work in a fully fitted, professional studio and will create trade links by networking with established fashion outlets throughout Northern Ireland and advertise their collections, hence making the designers more commercially viable.

All outfits are now available at Pollini Fashions in Moira.

Mandy Baxter, of Pollini Fashions said: “In the current economic climate, the retail sector has suffered dramatically and graduate designers often do not have a lot of opportunity to develop their skills. Sadly, a lot of our talented designers move away from Northern Ireland or work in menial fashion related jobs such as shop assistants or window dressers, which certainly does not help to nurture their career as a designer, nor boost their confidence.”

“Unify Collective Fashion Studio is a platform whereby graduate designers can pursue their design career in a professional environment at little cost, whilst simultaneously allowing them the opportunity to sell their designs. Pollini Fashions in Moira is delighted to be the first boutique in Northern Ireland to embrace this initiative and since the fashion showcase other potential fashion outlets have shown interest to collaborate with graduates too. I am grateful to Sara McCann for developing my concept of supporting students into something amazing!”

For further information on how to become part of Unify Collective Design Studio, please check out

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