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James Duigan: How to get a flat tummy fast


How to get a flat tummy

How to get a flat tummy

Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson


Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson

How to get a flat tummy

Elle MacPherson's personal trainer James Duigan knows a thing or two about getting in shape and staying there. James has been helping London's A-listers tighten up those tummies for over 10 years and he's now set his sights on the rest of us mere mortals.

Fresh from releasing his new book, Clean And Lean Flat Tummy Fast, we caught up with James to get the lowdown on the celebrities he trains and find out if we really could be bikini-ready in only two weeks.

You are famous for being Elle Macpherson's personal trainer - how did you get to be a personal trainer?

I fell into it completely by chance and then fell in love with it ... and then I met Elle and the rest is history!

Is she a model pupil?

Yes she is - she works very hard!

You've coached many other celebrities - who has been the worst to date?

I've coached many celebrities, and so far I have been very lucky. I have truly only ever had good experiences.

Your new book promises us a flatter tummy - why should we believe you?

Because it's true! So far the response has been great and I've had thousands of people writing in to me from all over the world sharing their stories of tummy transformations. I want as many people as possible to benefit from the book and I'm really proud of what we are able to do for people.

At 46, Elle has the body of a woman half her age - what is her secret?

Me! No seriously, there is no secret. It's having a healthy attitude to life and to your body that makes a difference. Making good choices with the best information. Elle has very little time in the day to exercise, so for her it's about doing what she can when she can.

Celebrity diets like the Atkins and the Zone always become popular with the summer season - any thoughts?

I guess it makes sense because people become so worried as the bikini season approaches. I want to change that by giving people something they can live their lives by. Something that makes you look amazing as well as feel amazing.

What are the most common mistakes we make when it comes to diet and exercises?

One of the major mistakes I see is the 'low fat fad'. These low fat snacks and foods are usually rammed full of sugar, salt or chemicals and often all three. The quick-fix and skipping meals are the two most glaring mistakes people make.

What foods should we look to eat for a flat summer tummy and what should we avoid?

Cut the CRAP (caffeine, refined foods, alcohol and processed foods) and replace it with lots of fresh veggies and good quality proteins.

How do you motivate clients to get started on a fitness regime?

Try the book. It is the blueprint I use for all the bodies you see on the red carpet and up on the big screen. Any transformation that happens in your body happens in your mind first, so get set on making a change and don't let anything get in the way.

Holidays can be time when even the most disciplined struggle to stay on the wagon, how can we enjoy ourselves but still keep in shape?

Strange as it may seem a lot of people actually lose weight when they are on holidays because the stress levels go right down and the body is able to let go of all the excess fat. Try and be kind to yourself and go easy with the excess toxins like sugar and alcohol. You're worth more than that.

Eating out can also be a hurdle - any tips?

It couldn't be easier. Choose plenty of proteins and vegetables - even pizza restaurants have these options!

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