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Jana Kramer: 'My workouts give me strength, confidence and great legs'

The country star loves seeing the results of her hard work.

Country star Jana Kramer knows her strict fitness routines are paying off after recently receiving a compliment about her "Carrie Underwood legs".

The 33-year-old Pop That Bottle singer uses sculpting sequences created by her trainer Erin Oprea based on a high-intensity interval training method called Tabata, and she is already seeing great results.

"I recently got compared to having Carrie Underwood legs," she raves to Us Weekly, noting how the former American Idol winner is famed for her shapely pins. "I'm clearly doing something right 'cause that's a pretty d**n high compliment."

Jana's tough workouts have also helped her feel great mentally: "Feeling strong, as a woman, gives you the greatest confidence," she explains. "Knowing hard work pays off keeps me motivated to continue kicking butt!”

Erin, meanwhile, is sharing the secrets to her famous client's success, explaining "a quick warmup session of walking or jogging" is the best way to start, followed by a series of four different Tabata exercises, each of which should take about four minutes to complete.

The routines start off with a Sumo Squat With Air Tap, which involves jumping up and quickly tapping your feet together before "landing back in a sumo squat".

Jana then works on Jumping Lunges and an Elbow Plank With Hip Dip, for which Erin advises, "Rotate your hips, dipping them to the left side, then back to centre...then to the right and back to centre."

Jumping Squats round out the intense training sessions.

Explaining the move, Erin says, "Squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Jump into the air, land softly and spring back up immediately."

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