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Jane Lynch: I'm vain

Jane Lynch is so vein she's joked people should avoid her when she's "having a bad hair day".

The Glee actress masks her true nature with her funny persona.

Jane cares so much about what others think of her appearance that she will try to stay alone when she isn't looking her best.

“Oh, I am [vain],” Jane admitted to the UK edition of Glamour magazine. “I may put out the ‘I’m a funny person so I don’t care what I look like’ vibe but I really do. You don’t want to be around me if I’m having a bad hair day.”

The 52-year-old continued to discuss the differences between her real life style and the one she adopts when in character as Sue Sylvester on the musical drama series. She is like her character in that she prefers to wear manly swimwear, but in real life she would never be seen dead in a synthetic nylon tracksuit.

“No [I do not wear tracksuits in real life]. That’s what retired people who walk around malls do,” Jane joked. “I haven’t worn a bathing suit since 1973. [I prefer to swim in] board shorts and a tankini.”

Jane went on to compare the differences between UK and US actors. She joked that what she likes best about the entertainment industry in the UK is that good looks aren’t important if you want to be successful.

“I’m such an Anglophile. And what I love most about British actors is that they don’t have to be beautiful to work. Remember Juliet Stevenson in Truly, Madly, Deeply? All those tears and all that snot coming out of her nose? She’s beautiful in her own way but not classic looking,” Jane laughed. “Oh, and there was Alan Rickman with terrible teeth. You guys have terrible teeth.”

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