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Jennifer Lopez changes heels when swapping red carpet for stage

Jennifer Lopez always changes her shoes to give her feet a break from wearing just one style.

Jennifer Lopez would never perform in the same shoes she wore on the red carpet.

The 47-year-old singer is known to pose in front of the cameras as well as take to the stage at star-studded events, such as her surprise performance at the Latin Grammy Awards in 2016. While she always looks amazing in both scenarios, Jennifer has a plan of action when it comes to keeping comfortable during her shows.

“One (of my shoe secrets is to) switch heels,” she explained to Footwear News “I never perform in the same shoes I wear on the red carpet. The shoes you dance in are typically different from shoes that you wear at premieres or in your private life. Switching shoes give your feet a break from the previous shape.”

She also opts for heels with a platform to offer comfort and stability while on stage, but to nail dancing in them, she insists “practice makes perfect”. By rocking high heels on a regular basis, Jennifer has learnt how to distribute her weight and posture properly so she isn’t putting pressure on the arches of her feet, which can result in a lot of pain.

The star is such an expert in this area that it comes as no surprise that she’s collaborated with footwear designer Giuseppe Zanotti, whose designs the pop star has long been a fan of. The Giuseppe x Jennifer collaboration features 15 styles, all of which have been named after notable people in the star’s life; including her nine-year-old daughter Emme.

“I’m excited for when Emme grows up and can wear the shoe I named after her,” she said of the gladiator-heeled sandal. “The shoe is strong and fierce, just like her. My family - they’re my stability, they’re so solid for me. When you think of shoes, you think of being grounded. There is a connection for me.”

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