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Jenny Slate talks sexy power dressing

Mad About You and Sleepless in Seattle inspired Jenny Slate’s Landline wardrobe.

Jenny Slate has sung the praises of the sexy but powerful floral silk dresses she’s taken to wearing recently.

American comedienne and actress Jenny is currently showing off her ‘90s fashion credentials in new movie Landline, which she also executive produced.

She’s channelling a bit of ‘90s style in her everyday look too and has hit on a trend that makes her feel both attractive and empowered.

“My look changes according to what my attitude is,” she told American Vogue. “Right now, I’m very inclined to wear floral patterns and silk dresses by this company Day Space Night. I wear them with no bra - underwear, yes - and I feel really good because I’m draped in flowers but I feel a little nude. And the dresses are flow-y so they’re not tight, but when you walk in the wind they cling to your body perfectly. It feels very sexual, to be honest, but also powerful; I like that.”

Landline is set in 1995 New York and tells the story of teenager Ali (Abby Quinn) discovering her dad is having an affair.

A lot of different people and looks inspired the costumes on set, with 35-year-old Jenny explaining that the clothes for her character Dana, Ali’s older sister, took cues from women like Helen Hint and Rita Wilson.

“Dana is dressing like Helen Hunt in Mad About You or Rita Wilson in Sleepless in Seattle. She’s dressing like a mature, working woman,” she said. “Now, those things have come back into style and are seen as powerful moves because they don’t reveal a ton of the body, and don’t really bend towards the male gaze. But then, she was just seen as a woman doing her own thing and getting her schedule done.”

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