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Jessica Alba developed adult acne line after own skin woes

Jessica Alba says the most satisfying part of running The Honest Company is the direct relationship she has with consumers.

Jessica Alba's own skincare problems inspired her to create products to treat adult acne.

The 35-year-old actress turned entrepreneur when she co-founded The Honest Company in 2012, offering a range of non-toxic products such as vitamins and household cleaning items. In 2015 she expanded her empire to include beauty products and, by October 2016, this sector had reportedly reached over $10 million (£8.1 million) in sales.

Speaking about its future, Jessica revealed she has a new range in the pipeline.

“We have a really big launch in Q3 in skincare. It’s an adult acne line. It’s something that really isn’t addressed,” she explained to Teen Vogue. “I’m acting under lights under a tonne of make-up all day long, and I break out a lot. I feel like a lot of acne products out there would really strip my skin and were a little too harsh, frankly...

“I wanted to create an alternative with clean ingredients, something really special. We’ve been developing this line for two years and when it comes out - the packaging is so chic and it smells so good! - it really works.”

The Fantastic Four star added she’s extremely proud of what her business has accomplished. And having been a “beauty buff” all her life, she’s thrilled to have created products that cater to her own sensitive skin.

Jessica has also been pleased to hear positive feedback from the very start of Honest Beauty. One woman who suffered from a reactive complexion prone to rosacea wrote the company a letter thanking them for providing make-up which didn’t make her break out.

“It made her feel beautiful and let her change up her look,” Jessica smiled. “That’s why you do what you do, because you’re making something and really addressing a white space for people and transforming their lives. That’s everything. We have that direct relationship, so that is the most satisfying thing for sure.”

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