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Jessica Alba’s freckle fantasy

Jessica Alba has busted some myths surrounding her lifestyle brand, The Honest Company.

Jessica Alba wishes she had freckles and strawberry blonde hair like her mother.

The American star is known for her flawless skin and natural beauty, which has seen her tapped for fashion campaigns alongside her movie work.

While women all around the world will be in envy of Jessica’s looks, the 35-year-old admits she’s pretty jealous of her mum’s appearance.

“I always wanted orange freckles and strawberry blonde hair like my mom, but my kids got them instead,” she told Allure magazine when asked if she was envious of anything. “Oh, and I‘m envious of speed readers and people who can memorise everything they read.”

As well as acting and modelling work, the mum-of-two is kept busy with her lifestyle brand, The Honest Company. Known for its ethical offerings, Jessica plays a key part on what happens at Honest, and decided to bust some misconceptions about her role and the company.

She reveals she’s not against chemicals, but strives to find the most natural ingredients possible, and explains how she does more than simply breeze into the Honest offices every now and again.

“When you’re a founder of a company, there’s really nothing going on that you’re not part of… so when it comes to the design of the site, the display ads, our marketing strategy, I’m part of all those discussions and involved in all those creative assets,” she said.

She also wanted to clear up any concerns about her brand simply slapping labels on to other people’s work.

“We don’t own our own factories. We find best-in-class manufacturers, and then go to work with their chemists to create out formulas, or we make our formulas in-house,” she explained.

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