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Jessica Alba's hair colourist explains her new blonde look

Jessica Alba's colourist Robert Ramos hand paints the ends of the star's hair strands.

Jessica Alba's hair colourist made her hair a lighter shade without telling her.

The actress and lifestyle brand owner is known for her honey hued locks, which she generally wears in loose waves.

However, during a recent appointment with Robert Ramos to get her roots touched up, the colourist took matters into his own hands, giving the 35-year-old a brighter and "happier" hair makeover.

"I just said, 'Jessica I took you a little lighter, to add more happiness,' and she said, 'I love it!'" he grinned to People Style.

"We coloured it a few months ago, and then about three weeks ago, we went a little lighter. We decided to bump it up a little bit brighter."

The pair has been collaborating since Sin City actress Jessica was 19, with Robert barely changing the way he works with her hair. To make sure the finish is always natural Jessica has her ends hand painted, which is exactly what Robert did once again.

"We went ahead and did highlights on her, and then I just painted the ends freehand to make the ends a little bit lighter, and I went a little lighter on the highlights as well," he recalled.

"When I highlight her, I do a regular highlight, but I feather the root so it always looks grown in a little bit and irregular. It has that feel that maybe it has grown out. I use three different shades on her, just to make it look more lived-in and more natural. It never looks like fresh highlights."

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