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Joan Collins' beauty guru credentials

Joan Collins was taught the benefits of being healthy by her mother as child.

Joan Collins sees herself as a beauty guru, as well as an actress, writer, wife and mother.

The British legend, who was made a Dame in 2015, started her career as a child actress but has become just as known for her glamorous looks as her stage, film and TV work.

Cementing her status as a make-up inspiration, Joan has brought out her own line of cosmetics, Timeless Beauty, but admits she doesn’t like to pigeonhole herself in any one category.

“No, no I don’t think of myself like that at all. I just think of myself as Joan – Dame Joan now, I suppose, a working actress, a writer and a beauty guru, a mother and a wife. I don’t have an entourage and I do my own make-up,” she told Saga Magazine.

Joan learnt her make-up tricks from pro Allan “Whitey” Snyder, who also use to tend to Marilyn Monroe’s beauty needs. Since launching Timeless Beauty in 2014, Joan also likes to use her own products when getting ready.

As well as glitz and glamour, 83-year-old Joan is also big on keeping fit and healthy – the importance of which was instilled in her by her mother.

“These things are in your DNA, I started going to dancing lessons when I was two, and my mother was very into exercise, standing up straight and eating your greens, cod liver oil every day and not too many sweets,” she recalled. “She was really before her time, and I kept that up and did the same for my own children. I think it works.”

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