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Joan Collins: I don’t do grunge


Joan Collins

Joan Collins

Gareth Cattermole

Joan Collins

Joan Collins believes that women in their golden years should not look “grungy”.

The 78-year-old British actress and writer has an age-appropriate fashion aesthetic and always looks elegant with her wardrobe choices.

The star always looks glamorous, and insists that women can still look gorgeous while dressing according to their age.

“I don’t do grunge,” she proclaimed to British newspaper Daily Mail. “Any woman over a certain age should not be grungy. You must make yourself look the way you would like the world to think about you.”

Age is not the only element that motivates Joan to dress a certain way. Body type, shape and form all play huge roles when she is deciding what garments to put in her wardrobe.

The star is proud of her womanly curves.

“I am not a stick thing. I have bosoms. And not all designers like that,” she said.

Gowns and dresses are staple pieces in Joan’s wardrobe. She steers clear from a very specific dress shape however, and advises women around the world to do the same.

“All women look awful in shift dresses, even Nicole Kidman. You’ve gotta be totally titless for them to work,” Joan said.

Joan has revealed her style inspiration. She believes that the British royal family’s newest addition always looks incredibly striking in her garb.

“[Kate Middleton] The Duchess of Cambridge is wonderful, she dresses brilliantly for a young girl,” she explained.

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