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Joe Jonas: 'My nerdy taste inspires fashion choices'

The musician is a huge fan of Japan's Harajuku shopping district.

DNCE singer Joe Jonas has filled his wardrobe with colourful clothes he picks up in Japan.

The 27-year-old musician, who boasts a collection of T-shirts featuring images of comic book characters, sources many of his favourite wardrobe items from Tokyo's famous Harajuku fashion district - that's where he picked up a vintage Godzilla T-shirt, which has become a top fashion piece.

"I was in a really rad vintage store in Harajuku when I found the T-shirt, and I freaked out," he tells Rolling Stone. "(I was) like, 'No way! A Godzilla shirt in Japan!'"

"I'm a pretty big nerd; I loved all those old (TV) shows," he continues. "It (my Godzilla T-shirt) has all the villains from the movie on the back. I think it was still on the mannequin. I had to barter with the guy (shop owner) to keep it."

Whenever he and his DNCE bandmates are touring in Japan, Joe makes a point of taking plenty of cash so he can shop for unique clothes in Tokyo.

"Harajuku is one of the best shopping areas I've seen in the world," he gushes. "We always try and take a day off and go lose our minds there. That time (I got my Godzilla T-shirt) we only got 30 minutes. I really lucked out. It's the one shirt I'll always wear until it falls off."

Although he loves wearing clothing that connects him to his childhood memories of TV shows and films, Joe reveals he and his little brother Nick Jonas also have a very adult habit - smoking cigars.

"These are probably all Cuban - Cohiba Behikes," he says, showing off a box of cigars. "Me and my younger brother Nick are big cigar smokers, we probably have multiple humidors at this point. The cigar box itself has the presidential seal on it. I tell people it was a gift from (the first president of the United States) George Washington when they come over."

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