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Joel Edgerton: ‘Looks aren’t everything in Hollywood’

Joel Edgerton dropped 10 kilos in three weeks for a film role.

Joel Edgerton is glad his looks let him play a variety of characters.

The Australian actor has been working in front of the camera for over 20 years, but it’s taken some time for him to break into Hollywood.

Calling his career a “slow burner”, Joel has played everyone from Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses in Exodus: Gods and Kings to a shoe factory owner in Kinky Boots, and remains one of the acting world’s most diverse stars.

“If you’re super good-looking and charismatic and you like playing the same character every time, good luck to you – you’ll make squillions of dollars,” he told Australian GQ. “The interest I have in being an actor, though, is adapting your energy to play all sorts of different characters.”

That’s not to say the 42-year-old wouldn’t change his looks up for a role. For MMA fighter movie Warrior, co-starring Tom Hardy, Joel needed to bulk up. Currently he’s watching what he eats for a new film role.

“I’m losing weight right now for a f**king job,” he moaned. “I’ve dropped 10 kilos in three weeks. Yesterday, I had a can of tuna.”

And for his new flick Loving, a dramatic true story about an interracial couple sent to prison for getting married in ‘60s America, Joel had to bleach his hair.

“I felt like a polar bear,” he laughed of looking in the mirror for the first time.

He adds that the physical nature of the role was impossible to fake.

“There’s 15 or 16 bits in the movie where I had to lay bricks,” he explained, “And I learnt from Warrior that there are certain things, physical things mainly, that you can’t fake.”

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