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JoJo went vegan for her voice

JoJo isn’t the “perfect vegan” but she does eat a plant-based diet.

The 26-year-old found instant fame after releasing smash hit single Leave (Get Out) in 2004, though she disappeared from the spotlight after her second album two years later.

She made her musical comeback with third record Mad Love in 2016, and during her time out of the limelight she decided to go vegan for the sake of her voice.

“I first was interested in a plant-based diet because of my voice,” she explained to Fault magazine. “I struggled with my allergies for a long time, and I wanted to try something different to combat that. I’m singing every night, and I wanted that to be easier for me.

"I cut out dairy first, and then I started talking to my vegan friend and I started to feel what they told me about how when you eat animal products, you’re ingesting fear, death, and disease. I didn’t feel good about doing that anymore.”

Transitioning to a full-time vegan was a slow process for the singer, and she admits even today she isn’t a “perfect vegan”. However, she tends to eat a plant-based diet, and feels all the better for it.

“After reading Russell Simmons’ Happy Vegan and watching documentaries, I feel like it’s the choice for me,” she added.

As well as changing her eating habits, JoJo has also had a shift in attitude when it comes to her body.

JoJo admits she felt like a product when she first embarked on a career in music, and would often restrict her calories and have injections in a bid to lose weight she “didn’t need to lose”.

"Today, the comparison game is one I will not play," she wrote in an essay for Motto. "I refuse. Trying to measure up to what anyone else seems perfect does nothing for my health, mentally or physically, nor does it get me any further in my growth as an artist."

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