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Jordana Brewster credits flawless skin to oily nighttime cleanse

Jordana Brewster tries to get as much sleep as possible in order to maintain a clear and healthy skincare regime.

Jordana Brewster is a lover of using baby oil to remove her make-up at night.

The Furious 7 actress is known for her stunning appearance and flawless complexion. And when it comes to maintaining her blemish-free visage, Jordana is a lover of the motto “the oilier, the better”.

“I like removing makeup every night with oily products - the oilier the better,” she told NewBeauty website in an interview. “So, I don't like all those oil-free stuff on the market because it never removes my make-up. So, I also use baby oil to remove my make-up at night. And when my skin is super dry, I like to put on serums. I love Vintner’s Daughter. It’s so good and it’s super moisturising so I love it in the winter.”

Jordana is also kept busy with her personal life, as she is mother to three-year-old Julian and nine-month-old Rowan with husband Andrew Form. But despite having to balance hectic work and family schedules, Jordana tries to always get a decent amount of sleep every night in order to stay looking fresh-faced and glowing.

“I try to get as much sleep as possible. I try to get at least seven hours a day. I drink a ton of water; I know it sounds so cliche, but I think what you put in your body definitely ends up showing,” she explained. “If I drink (alcohol), or eat a lot of salt, I just don’t feel as good the following day so I try to hydrate and workout instead.”

One thing Jordana does struggle with is puffiness on her face when it’s hayfever season. So her make-up artist has come up with a way to conceal the puffiness – by using under-eye patches.

“They (the patches) are essential for me because I always have like the worst allergy face with puffiness,” she said. “Even today I woke up and my boss was like, ‘Should we put them (eye patches) on?’ So, then we worked around the eyes with make-up while the patches worked their magic. It was amazing.”

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