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Josephine de la Baume describes ‘lunatic’ style

Josephine de la Baume says she dresses like a “lunatic”.

The French star is the girlfriend of DJ Mark Ronson, and was recently unveiled as the new face of Agent Provocateur underwear. The singer-and-actress is known for unusual style, which she admits is often the talk of her friends.

“A stylist friend of mine described it as ‘dreamcore,’” she laughed. “It’s a mix of dreamy attic vintage pieces, together with more graphic pieces lines and structured clothing. My style is definitely lunatic but in a constant way! I dress quite masculine for the day and feminine at night.”

Josephine is constantly amazed by the differences between French and British style. She thinks UK women are more likely to experiment, although people from her country tend to look more effortless. That isn’t to say they don’t make their fair share of fashion faux pas though.

“British women take more risks and it always turns out great and beautifully eccentric. French women are more retro and romantic, more nonchalant,” she explained to Grazia.

“My biggest style disaster was a pair of sneakers with a heel when I was 14. Pretty bad...”

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