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Julianne Hough relies on sweat-proof dance leggings

Julianne Hough's preferred way of keeping fit is dance cardio classes.

Julianne Hough relies on waterproof leggings when dancing as she tends to sweat a lot.

The American dancer and actress has showed off her moves on shows such as ABC's Dancing with the Stars and in Fox's 2016 live production of Grease, in which she played Sandy.

Julianne puts all of her efforts into her routines, and credits the garments from her activewear line for MPG Sport for keeping her looking great throughout.

"Apart from having all new styles and pops of colour, the line has quick-dry mesh ventilation that makes it extremely comfortable, and waterproof protection in its fabric," she told "I’m not going to lie, I sweat quite a bit so this is perfect for me. All of the leggings sculpt the midsections and thighs too, which leaves me feeling sexy and comfortable in my own skin."

For her next gig, the 28-year-old is hitting the road with her brother Derek Hough for their Move Beyond Tour, which kicks off on 19 April (17) with shows held right across the U.S. In the lead up to the dance show trek, Julianne is getting herself into peak shape by attending regular gym sessions.

"I like taking classes like Body By Simone, Anna Kaiser, my own dance cardio, Tracy Anderson, SoulCycle, and CorePower Yoga. Although this is my workout routine year-round, when we’re gearing up for tour, I give extra attention to strengthening my neck and shoulders due to a reoccurring neck injury," she shared.

With her full on schedule, the Utah native needs to fuel her body with energising foods. To keep her going while on the run, Julianne eats a lot of different vegetables and proteins.

"If I'm baking or sauteing vegetables, I find that less is more. A little bit of extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper is all I ever need! For chicken or white fish, I’ll do slices of lemon and fresh parsley," she smiled.

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