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Julianne Moore: Wrinkles aren't fun

Julianne Moore believes that whichever way you look at getting older “wrinkles are not funny”.

The actress joked the effects of ageing are difficult to take, especially when you are in the public eye.

The 52-year-old explained that even Hollywood stars suffer from wrinkles, but that she has slowly started to accept they are a part of life.

"[How do I cope with wrinkles?] I am thinking about a witty answer to that. Like, 'I apply something with a spatula'. But wrinkles are not funny, they just come,” Julianne confessed to German magazine Brigitte. “You have to accept and embrace wrinkles. At least that is how I've decided to think about them.”

The star continued to explain that she is actually quite comfortable with her age. Julianne says that she doesn’t want to use Botox to change her appearance as it will impact on her acting work.

"Obviously I want to look good but it has to be age-appropriate,” she confessed. “It is important to me to be as expressional as possible with my face. I am no longer playing someone who's 30 so I don't have to look like it.”

The Golden Globe award winner [for mini-series Game Change] will play a religious fanatic in the remake of Stephen King's movie Carrie.

Julianne says she looks so horrendous in character for the part, that she can only laugh at her appearance.

"Gosh, I look pretty awful in that movie. In front of the camera I have no vanity,” she finished. “It's fun to play a character as well as possible."

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