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Justin Bieber planning yoga retreat break - report

A leading Hindu scholar suggests the pop superstar should find a remote cave instead of joining an organised retreat.

Justin Bieber is heading off to India to attend a two-week silent yoga retreat, according to reports.

The pop star, who recently scrapped the remainder of his Purpose World Tour after spending close to two years on the road, is hoping to get away and find himself while turning off the buzz of fans and the media.

"Justin wants some peace and quiet," a source tells Life & Style magazine. "On this yoga retreat, you aren’t even allowed to have your cellphone on.

"He’s fairly new to yoga and has only been to a few classes, but he’s become really passionate about it because it helps him relax, focus and escape the stress of everyday life."

Leading U.S. Hindu scholar Rajan Zed has urged Bieber to reconsider any plans he might have to join an organised retreat, and seek out his own peace and quiet.

"I would suggest Justin withdraws to a Himalayan cave and try to attain samadhi (state of intense concentration) on his own through yoga and meditation instead of going to an organised retreat in India," the president of the Universal Society of Hinduism tells WENN.

"With all the reported troubles surrounding him, he needs to do an inner journey by retreating to a quiet, peaceful, secluded place, where he can be alone in solitude and silence, withdrawn from the material world, allowing himself some time for reflection.

"Many times, the organised retreats just end up as recreational holidays."

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