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Kaley Cuoco partners with Panera Bread to promote nutritional awareness

The star also stays healthy through maintaining a regular yoga practice.

Actress Kaley Cuoco has teamed up with partners at U.S. sandwich chain Panera Bread in a bid to spotlight nutritional facts.

The Big Bang Theory star is proud to be promoting the launch of the company's new beverage campaign, which offers a bevy of fresh drinks served in cups emblazoned with an itemised outline of the ingredients.

"We're all super healthy, especially in Hollywood, but you drink a soda and you ruin it really fast," she tells Entertainment Tonight.

"(Panera) brought out this cup that has the amount of calories in every drink... I think that's kind of the missing element (in restaurants these days)."

However, Kaley jokes it's unlikely her fictional character Penny on her TV comedy The Big Bang Theory would ever be open to replacing booze with healthy beverages like smoothies on a regular basis.

"Penny is really good at drinking wine. It's one of her favourite pastimes," she quips.

Meanwhile, when Kaley's not sipping on a delicious drink, it's safe to say she is probably spending time time in the studio working on her "yoga body".

"I really enjoy my time in the yoga studio," she smiles. "It makes me feel good. I like leaving feeling, like, drenched with sweat! I feel five pounds lighter (after I do yoga)... I really recommend it."

And she had plenty of opportunities to flaunt her toned figure on the beach during her recent vacation in Australia with boyfriend Karl Cook.

"I went to Australia. My boyfriend's family took me on another amazing trip," Kaley gushes. "It was phenomenal. I'd never been. I feel very lucky, and they're wonderful people, so that was amazing."

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