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Kat Von D: 'My make-up isn't only for Goths!'

Kat Von D poured herself "100 per cent" into her make-up range.

Kat Von D’s make-up line isn’t just for Goths who like "spooky stuff".

The reality TV star and tattoo artist has followed the path of many other celebrities in creating her own cosmetics range, which features everything from foundations to bold lip colours.

Kat Von D Beauty, which was recently launched in the United Kingdom, is also different from other mainstream brands in that it’s certified cruelty-free and vegan.

But Kat doesn’t want people to be under the impression that the range is aimed at a certain demographic.

“I think because I have a pretty dark image, people might think my make-up is just for Goths who like spooky stuff,” the raven-haired beauty told Britain’s Hello! magazine. “But I’m proud of the versatility of my colours and formulations. My mom uses it, and when I meet my fans on-counter they are every age, every style, every skin colour and that is really rewarding.”

The 34-year-old wanted to create a “cool and unique” range and was fully involved in the production process, naming every shade herself and helping to design all of the packaging. Kat didn’t even want printed font on her cases, opting to personally draw every letter herself.

“I even curate the content for our Instagram,” she added. “I poured myself 100 per cent into this and I know that my customers appreciate that.”

She also made sure that her cosmetics are reasonably priced, having grown up with little money herself. The last thing she wanted to do was launch a range out of reach for many people, as the LA Ink star has been in a position in which she’s longed for a piece of make-up but couldn’t afford it.

“I get upset when I see one of my sold-out colours on eBay for ten times what it is worth,” she sighed.

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